A Writer’s Life by B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree Lorraine Devon Wilke

Stephanie Moore Hopkins of indieBRAG and the book blog, Layered Pages, has a fine series called “A Writer’s Life,” in which she digs a little deeper with selected writers to discover their process and perspective. I was honored to be invited to participate!

Layered Pages

I’d like to welcome Lorraine Devon Wilke back to Layered Pages to talk about her writing. She is an author, photographer, singer/songwriter, started early as a creative hyphenate. First, there was music and theater, next came rock & roll, then a leap into film when a feature she co-wrote (To Cross the Rubicon) was produced by a Seattle film company, opening doors in a variety of creative directions.

In the years following, she wrote for and performed on theater stages, developed her photography skills, and accrued a library of well-received feature screenplays (The Theory of Almost Everything was a top finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest; A Minor Rebellion a Quarter Finalist in that same event in 2014). She kept her hand in music throughout – songwriting, recording, performing – leading to the fruition of a longtime goal to record an original album…

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