A Year Later, A Sale, A Book To Celebrate

Time is so very strange. On one hand it feels like the last year flew by in a blink; on the other—and when I think of all that’s happened, everywhere I’ve been, and how much life has unfolded—that year might have taken forever.

For instance, we are quickly approaching the year anniversary of my latest novel’s publication. After an incredible ramp-up, a tremendous amount of preparation, and the excitement of launching, The Alchemy of Noise came out on April 9, 2019… and here we are, already nearing mid-March, 2020, in that blink of an eye. Amazing.

To celebrate the eventmy publishers are throwing a big “Spring ebook Sale“:

From  Mar. 12-23, you can snag any eBook in their Spring 2019 for just $0.99. There will be a whole slate of She Writes Press books included in the celebration, so it’s a great time to sign up for the @NewInBooks newsletter to get early access to all the titles on sale.

Of course, you can also click directly to The Alchemy of Noise purchase links below, where my ebook will be listed for $0.99 for the duration of the sale:

Kindle, Nook (B&N) and Google Play (U.S. only).

In other interesting news:. I was recently in New York City to participate in a panel discussion on the popular NPR interview show, 1A, debating the controversy over the novel, American Dirt, as well as detailing my experience in getting my own book published. It was a fascinating conversation, which continues today, as many of you may be aware, some of which I extrapolate on in a piece at my Medium column: The OTHER American Dirt Issue: Is Fear of Appropriation Fomenting a Culture of Censorship? To access the full NPR interview, click the image below; my segment runs from 23:25-29:45. For more information on the topic, as well as the other speakers involved, click HERE.

That’s it for now… thank you for reading. Enjoy these. And mostly, please stay well, happy, and hopeful during this strange and maddening time!

Visit www.lorrainedevonwilke.com for details and links to LDW’s books, music, photography, and articles.

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