An Old Book Reemerges For a New Sale

It’s been a while since it came out (2014…hard to believe!), and with people reading more these pandemic days, some even writing to ask me for titles to “try next,” it seemed a good time to throw a little light on my first novel, AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH… s0 I’ve discounted its ebook price to $1.99 for the next few days.

After the Sucker Punch tells the story of Tessa Curzio, who, on the night of her father’s funeral, finds his journals and discovers he thought she was a failure, posthumous indictment that proves an existential knockout. She tries to transcend the blow but his damning words skew everything in her view, from her current relationship, to the truth of her family, to ever her overall sense of self. In the tumultuous year that follows, it’s her little-known aunt, a nun and counselor, who lovingly strong-arms Tessa onto a journey of discovery and reinvention in a trip that’s not always pretty – or particularly wise – but one that leads her to some sharp and unexpected truths.

If you haven’t yet read it, or know someone who might enjoy it, I hope you’ll take advantage of the sale… as I hope you enjoy the read!

Click HERE to purchase.

“Wilke writes with razor-sharp wit and radiant flair, and the prose’s high quality is the novel’s principal strength. She also sensitively portrays how real love and affection can survive and even flourish in an otherwise dysfunctional family.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
“A realistic and profound journey of realization and forgiveness… a solid novel that admirably explores the fragile, fraught relationship between parent and child.” ~ Publishers Weekly

The book trailer follows, beautifully produced by my talented brother (who also edits my books), Tom Amandes.

Photo art by Brenda Perlin

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