Admission Statement

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Typically not reluctant to express myself, I’m one of those people who writes letters to the editor, sends opinion pieces to whoever sparks my opinion, tells people to shut up in movie theaters and generally feels passionate about the healing, exhilarating, often useful effect of communication.  My mother says I was born with my mouth open. That pretty much says it all.

I recently mentioned the birth of my blog to a somewhat cynical fellow I know professionally after which he commented with a sigh, “Does the world really need another blog?”  I didn’t remain fond of him. And no, of course, the answer is:  no. The world does not need another blog. The world does not need another meadow either because, as we know, there are corn fields and wheat fields enough to grow. But that does not stop us from presenting some often very lovely new meadows to the world regardless of inventory and so I proceed, need and cynicism notwithstanding.

L @ Fleener Creek Overlook 4.10 sm
Me and one of those delightfully redundant meadows; courtesy of Heather McLarty

Because here’s my thinking:  Not only do I have a fair amount to say (and I promise I will say it as intelligently and irreverently as I can muster), but I’ve been around a long time and have lived an eclectic, interesting life filled with many eclectic and interesting people, several of whom you’ve never heard of, all of whom you should. Incredible music has been made, clever stories imagined, profound experiences had — by me and these various people with whom I’ve traversed my life — and it seems to me that some of this damned life and experience and creation deserves to see the light of day.  I’m takin’ it on.

So that’s the plan. Stories will be told.  Some will be mine. Some will be others’. When opinion is provoked, I’ll make mine known (agreement not required).  I’ll explore art that’s touched me in its many forms and incarnations.  I will share chapters of my music and writing; include my photography in ways that either illustrate or simply decorate.  I’ll argue a point, critique an absurdity, applaud a person worthy of applause. And here’s the bonus:  at least once a month, I’m going to feature a story on someone or something that I believe deserves some attention.  Not that my giving attention is going to boost a cause or change any lives — if only I were that powerful! — but I’m determined to shine at least my little light on the artists, musicians, activists, writers, photographers, teachers, environmentalists, philosophers, etc., that I’ve come upon whose talent, heart, passion and creativity compels all the light they can get.  I’ve got a chunky list of candidates but if I ever get low, I’ll put out a clarion call.

Before I go, about the name:  A few years ago a friend and colleague of mine, Suzanne Battaglia, and I envisioned an independent record label that would seek out and sign accomplished recordings artists of the BB demographic (40+); artists who had the spark and talent to warrant success but had missed or were never given the necessary breaks and opportunities.   Our big-picture business plan included a film production company and an arts/politics/lifestyle magazine (online and off), both of which would also seek to include artists beyond the youth generation.  We felt it was needed – though we love the “youths” (I’m sure I’ll be writing about some youths), we wanted to expand the pool a bit!  It was an exciting, refreshing idea and we were able to stoke significant enthusiasm and a solid commitment for financing in no time. Unfortunately, life crises arose for some involved and stalled funding followed and ultimately the idea was shelved.  But the name – a whimsical, arty, evocative moniker which struck me in a moment of inspiration – was trademarked and available and still so clever and so I decided to coopt it for this new venture which has echoes of the previous: Rock+Paper+Music.

Ouida Ball, one of the most civil personalities on earth.

Admission is free and on a “stop in when you can” basis.  I will write as often as I’m inspired and will welcome comment, insight, contribution and debate.  My only demand is civility.  I am beyond exhausted with the snarky and vitriolic discourse I too often see online.  We can be irreverent – I encourage it! – but let’s have dignified irreverence. “I desire a culture where people of different political and personal persuasions remain civil, decent & open-minded. I’m weary of polarized debate. Intelligent minds can disagree without rancor. Honorable people can accept a good idea from the other side.”   That’s my quote. I’m stickin’ to it. Welcome to my blog!

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