THIS Photography Gallery Is Open 24/7


Cordoba Courtyard Vigil
– Cordoba, Spain: Courtyard Vigil

I was delighted to have been included in the SKY exhibit at Duncan Miller Gallery’s “one day at a time” site, It’s considered quite a prestigious selection, and there was particular honor in being chosen by the jury curator, Paula Tognarelli of the Griffin Museum of Photography. She knows her stuff and having her recognize one of my piece, Sky Reflected, Lisbon, as exhibit-worthy was no small thing!

– Sky Reflected, Lisbon

BUT. While the 24-hour time limit is fun in a sort of “5-star food truck sending out Tweets to announce where it’ll be parked on Tuesday” kind of way, the dependable, always-open element of my photography site at Fine Art America is notable for its more sustaining presence! So I wanted to take this opportunity, to remind my readers, my viewers, that beyond writing blogs, books, articles and songs, I am also one who’s inspired by the Muse of Visual Art in the form of photography. And my work, work I love and share with love, is available for easy viewing and collecting at my site at FAA. 24/7. No Tweets required!

I’m always posting new pieces, so come by at your leisure, stroll through the many eclectic galleries, and if something resonates, feel free to leave a comment, a like, a share, or even, hallelujah, a purchase. Believe me, I love that sort of thing! 🙂

Click here any time: LDW @ Fine Art America. 

Enjoy and… thank you!!

LDW w glasses

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