Doesn’t Every Novel Deserve Its Own Playlist?


There has been many a book that involved a road trip of some kind, narrative replete with intriguing characters, startling plot twists, and myriad turns and detours along the way. Such books always seem ripe for a soundtrack, and HYSTERICAL LOVE is no different… particularly since all/most of the characters involved make a point of discussing their musical preferences!

So when Every Free Chance Books invited me to contribute a playlist to accompany the HYSTERICAL LOVE journey our protagonist embarks upon—both the internal and actual—I was more than happy to comply.

Posted on their site this morning is a “Spotlight” piece which not only includes the playlist I put together (and, oh, it’s a good one!), but a special option for readers to click to win a free copy of the book. The link to their page is HERE, but I’ll tease you with just a bit of the playlist…

1. The Ice Cream Truck song (perfect to get the trip started)
2. Bruno Mar’s “Locked Out of Heaven” (from “Bob’s” playlist… you’ll wanna know who “Bob” is…)
3. Kanye West’s “Power” (on “Bob’s” — him again— stereo): 
4. Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools” (“Jane’s” favorite song) 
5. The Righteous Brothers’ “You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” (1965 hit… “Barbara” from Oakland): 
6. B.B. King’sI’ve Been Downhearted(all about “Dan”… yes, he’s the protagonist”)

And there’s twelve more! You know you want to find out why these particular songs were chosen, right….?

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