Death By EL James… a take from Tara Sparling

Tara Sparling

And now for a complete change of pace: some Fifty Shades of Grey silliness from one of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy the many interpretive imaginings of this iconic tome, pulled from the depths of Sparling’s stylistic playbook….

And be sure to go check out the rest of her blog at Tara Sparling Writes. She’s easily one of the funniest, most observant commenters about the writing scene around. 

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Tara Sparling writes

When I threatened to kill a bunny by reading it EL James’ Grey until it ran headlong and arse-ways into traffic, some thought me callous. Some thought me justified, because the furry little gits give them nightmares. Someone else coined the phrase “Death by EL James”, which immediately sounded to me like a great story title.

So without further ado, here are not one, but five – count ’em! – five different versions, in five different genres, of Death By EL James. (I have yet to take action on the bunny – it all depends on whether you’ll vote for me in the 2015 Irish Blog Awards here and here before September 21st. Just sayin’)

Death By EL James

1. Literal

Oh, my! she thought, as he came with the knife. Was he going to stab her? She’d never been stabbed before. But she was sure it would be delicious. It was a very large and magnificent knife. She was sure none of the…

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