The Alchemy of Noise by Lorraine Devon Wilke (Review)

A writer writes a book to have an impact; to tell a story that conveys ideas, thoughts, messages, illumination. At least this writer does! And when a reader so beautifully articulates that they GOT that message, felt that impact, were moved by that story, it’s incredibly touching. I had to pass this one on… it will always mean a lot to me when this happens.

Thank you.


This book. Stop what you are doing. And read this book. It’s heartbreaking, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s daring in the most important way.

Sidonie and Chris are falling for each other in what promises to be the great love story of their lives. They adore each other, make each other laugh, and think, and smile. The magnetism was instant and that’s all that matters right? Sadly, no.

Because Sidonie is white, and Chris is black. So sadly, love is definitely not enough in this urban Chicago tale of a mixed-race couple who go through not only an emotional, but psychological rollercoaster that is the very definition of trauma.

This book haunts me – but it’s a good thing. I cannot stop thinking about it. I feel as if Sidonie and Chris are real people, and in a way, they are – as the gut-wrenching brutality, tension, and racism is entirely…

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