Dear Sir or Madam, Would You Read My Book… I’m a Paperback Writer!

Book cover full

“Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?”

Hasn’t every author hummed that song to themselves at one time or another, imagined it being a literal request made to those who just might be interested in reading their work in glorious, page-turning print?

It’s only been recently, frankly, that I pictured using those lyrics at the top of a specific post, the one that would announce that, indeed, I am now, officially, a paperback writer, and, well, here we are… using those lyrics. Because, as of today, I’m – well, you know!

After the Sucker Punch has now been released in paperback and you can pick up a copy right here: ATSP/Paperback.

Of course, you can still get the Kindle version here: ATSP/Kindle, and in a matter of days the two formats will be linked on the same page, but for now, go where you will and pick your format… and know that I will be delighted whichever way you go!

UPDATE: The two formats are now linked on both pages. Makes it easy; click either one and you have access to both formats. 

Book cover art by Grace Amandes.

Cover photographs by LDW.

LDW w glasses

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