Take A Moment To Visualize This With Me….

city street

Would you? Just sit back and take this in, this image above: a New York City bus stop with its large poster in bright, living color. What’s on that poster? The book cover image of After the Sucker Punch with its intriguing face tucked behind those bold, enticing letters.

I see it… don’t you?

For details and links to who created this image and why, hop on over to AfterTheSuckerPunch.com and find your way to reader and writer, Brenda Perlin, who not only took the time to read my book, but shared a few insightful thoughts about it… for which I am deeply grateful.

But don’t click over there just yet.

Take one more moment to visualize this with me… and… very nice. We’ll end with an amen of “so be it and so it is.”

Thank you. I felt the plates shift.

LDW w glasses

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