Review from A Woman’s Wisdom: ‘Shorties: She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilke’

She Tumbled Down

With so much recent attention focused on my just-released novel, Hysterical Love, it was lovely to read a concise, thoughtful review of my short story, “She Tumbled Down,” from UK book blogging site, A Woman’s Wisdom.

This site is aptly described as: “The Book Blog For Lovers Of The Written Word…A place to discover fabulous storytellers plus book reviews, author interviews, articles and humour.” It is written and curated by a funny, passionate, and—yes—wise woman named Ali (or “Bodicia” for those on Twitter), who says of herself:, “I am a mother, a grandmother and a woman with years of life experience. On my blog you will find reviews of books which have been a pleasure to read as well as author interviews, guest blogs, and articles.”

Ali accepts no money for reviews and maintains a very constructive, considerate philosophy about the process:

“I only review books which I would give a four or five star review to as I don’t feel it is necessary to slate a book so if it is on my blog then I genuinely found it a pleasure to read.

“I have a particular interest in Indie authors and giving attention to those books which deserve to be seen by more people. I have always had a love of books and appreciate how hard it is to get your book seen and ‘out there’. I decided I would use my blog to review books in my free time and I have discovered some fabulous authors whose work really does deserve more recognition in my opinion.”

I am always delighted by and appreciative of writers whose respect for authors and their work inspires a philosophy such as hers! Thank you, Ali, for your sharp, succinct review of my story. You cut to the core of it: 

Shorties: She Tumbled Down by Lorraine Devon Wilke.

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