Wanna Help Flip the Senate Blue? I’ve Got a List For You…

One thing is politically clear: If you’re a Democrat, an Independent with liberal tendencies, even a Republican who can no longer tolerate the Trumpification of your formerly “Grand Old Party,” these are urgent times.

We cannot just reclaim the White House; we cannot just hold onto the House, we’ve got to FLIP THE SENATE. If you’re interested in helping get that done, I’ve got a list linked within this quick piece that will help you participate in that endeavor, so I invite you to this Call-to-Action:

Click link below to access & download the list:

Republicans & Democrats facing reelection in 2020

The debacle of the “pretend Impeachment trial,” which only vaguely resembled a trial and more accurately mimicked a cover-up of authoritarian, dictatorial proportions, drove the point home with painful clarity. Without a majority in the Senate, and particularly if Trump unfathomably holds on to the presidency (it hurt my heart just typing that), we are doomed. Truly and tangibly. So we’ve got some work to do in the coming months.

I can’t share this list directly on Twitter or Facebook because I want to keep it as a pdf file—so you can handily access the hyperlinks—and neither platform accepts pdfs. So I’m leaving it here as a link (see above & below) for you to open, download, and, hopefully use vigilantly to do whatever you can to campaign for Democratic candidates running against Republican senators up for re-election, as well Democratic senators fighting to hold on to senate seats they currently occupy. Both angles are equally important.

You’ll see hyperlinks within the document attached to each Democrat’s name; they link either to their own website, their Ballotpedia page, or their ActBlue donation page. Any and all will help you gain information about them, and easily make donations. PLEASE SHARE AND SHARE WIDELY.

If I got any of the information wrong—ANYTHING—don’t hesitate to drop me an email (info@lorrainedevonwilke.com) and I’ll quickly correct it. I put this together carefully but pretty quickly, feeling a certain urgency to get it out there and in the hands of dedicated citizens as soon as possible, so I might have missed something.

Let’s every one of us do every single thing we can in the months to come to make the reclamation of our country a fulfilled goal. We cannot afford or endure the alternative.

Thank you for your help… let’s make this happen, people!

Click link below to access & download the list:

Republicans & Democrats facing reelection in 2020

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