I Bought a Yard Sign Today…

We do not have that now. And if Donald Trump is re-elected, we won’t have that again for another four years, with many more after that to attempt recovery and reconciliation.

I cannot stand by and quietly allow that America to be America, not for one more minute than I’ve been forced to during this corrosive administration. I fought like hell the last time and, tragically for us all (except, maybe, the rich folks), chicanery prevailed. That cannot happen this time. It can’t.


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2 thoughts on “I Bought a Yard Sign Today…

    1. Yes. Breathing. Staying activated. Thank you for the link. I’m signed up to so many I can barely keep up with them! 🙂 Hopefully the critical mass of all of it from everyone will result in recapturing our country and government from this caustic, corrosive moment in history. It cannot continue. THANKS to both you and Troy, Heather, for your relentless activism.


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