Dear LA: I Love You

The latest from national digital magazine, THE THREE TOMATOES:

“Dear LA, I Love You” from LA Life Photographer, Lorraine Devon Wilke, pays homage to our beautiful City of Angels with Valentine’s Day around the corner.”

‘This week’s cover photo, from our LA Life photographer, Lorraine Devon Wilke, captures a literal ‘love letter’ to Los Angeles, one that appears on the ground floor of The Bloc in DTLA. Though the piece’s official title is, ‘Heart LA,’ Lorraine decided her photograph of the work deserved its own title, simply: ‘Dear LA, I love you.’”

“The work of art is just one of eight pieces in a permanent collection by street artist, WRDSMTH. This particular piece was created in collaboration with Antigirl, who designed the multi-colored heart which perfectly accompanies the words. Tomatoes might want to stop by and see this collection in person at The Bloc in downtown LA.”

I’m always delighted to have my photography featured in this creative and bountiful magazine, and urge you to click over (The Three Tomatoes) to enjoy all the other content they’ve got posted there.

Until the next time…


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