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The Alchemy of Noise: a novel

May 2020: Lorraine was chosen as one of the five authors highlighted in this colorful and comprehensive “video wiki” feature:

5 Female Authors Crafting Compelling Novels

“With so much genre fiction in the marketplace, one can be forgiven for not realizing there’s anything else being put out these days. These authors all buck the trend, producing category-defying work that is insightful and touching, giving readers an experience they’ve never had before and won’t soon forget.”



Foreword Reviews:

“Part awakening, part trial by fire, The Alchemy of Noiseis a timely social novel that unfolds with tenderness and cruelty. A story on fresh beginnings marred by police brutality, The Alchemy of Noise tests the limits of love. Lorraine Devon Wilke’s sharp interracial romance strikes at the heart of contemporary race issues with thoughtful, vulnerable characters who excavate their own beliefs to reaffirm what’s worth fighting for… Between its heartfelt message for allies and its cautious navigation of what it’s like to be made a target, a profound optimism emerges. Love can’t solve everything for Sidonie and Chris, but it continually encircles them.”

Working Mother magazine:

10 of the Most Anticipated Books to Make Time for in 2019: 

“An impactful story about race, equality and love, The Alchemy of Noise has quickly become a highly-buzzed-about read in the vast community of female writers.”

Publishers Weekly:

“Wilke’s rewarding novel (after Hysterical Love) follows the relationship between a black sound engineer and the white manager of the club where he works. … When Chris is arrested for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, and brutally beaten by police, Sidonie supports him as he decides whether to go to trial or take a plea deal. But the possibility that he may be implicated in another, more serious crime causes a fracture in their relationship that may be irreparable. Wilke’s story will satisfy readers with its emotional depth and strong characters, making for a memorable novel.”

Kirkus Reviews:

“Wilke’s prose is cautious and empathetic, probing at the edges of politeness, taboo, and uncomfortable truth …the directness and openness with which the author explores the topic, as well as its continuing relevance, make this a novel that will still read as daring to many.”

Readers’ Favorite Reviews:

5-Stars: The writing is emotive and highly descriptive, painting snippets of life for Chris as he struggles with the everyday racism and assumptions put upon young black men all across America, and Sidonie’s struggle to connect and understand is intelligently handled. Neither of them is perfect, but together they find something special of their own. Wilke’s superb pacing and frank dialogue guide us through every harrowing moment as they fight hard to protect it. Overall, The Alchemy of Noiseis a highly entertaining and engaging piece of drama which shines a light on pivotal issues of today.”

Brit + Co:

12 Can’t-Miss Books by Women to Read This Year:

“In this devastating and touching new novel from Lorraine Devon Wilke, two unlikely lovers find themselves in the middle of a corrupt investigation that will change their lives forever. Chris is a black sound engineer and when his path crosses with Sidonie, a white and successful venue manager, the two quickly fall into a whirlwind love affair. But everything suddenly changes when Chris is arrested and charged with horrific crimes that will show the young couple just how wicked the world can be.”

Barb Taub|Writing & Coffee:

“The writing of The Alchemy of Noise is hauntingly beautiful, shocking, and compelling. I feel like I know so many of the characters, that they are the family and friends and fellow students I knew in Chicago. And yet I don’t know them at all, can’t believe they would react as the characters did here. But, as Sidonie points out, I’ve read the papers, listened to the news, heard the casually racist and discriminatory remarks. And even with a love as big as Chris and Sidonie’s, I don’t know how you get past that. Maybe reading this stunningly well written book is a good way to start.”

Bookapotamust Blog:

“This book. Stop what you are doing. And read this book. It’s heartbreaking, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s daring in the most important way… This book haunts me – but it’s a good thing. I cannot stop thinking about it. I feel as if Sidonie and Chris are real people, and in a way, they are – as the gut-wrenching brutality, tension, and racism is entirely plausible in this day and age… I loved every minute of this story.”

Georgia Rose Books:

“The exploration of all the relationships in this novel is excellent. The characters rich and rounded, the way they react and interact absorbing. It is very well written. It’s intelligent, educational and eye-opening, though still easy to read, the prose flowing and drawing you in. The Alchemy of Noiseis an excellent novel I thoroughly enjoyed and don’t hesitate for a moment to recommend.”

Booked Up Girl Blog:

“I absolutely loved this book, and found myself engrossed in their story and journey. I felt a somewhat deep connection with Sid and Chris’ characters. The story is just heart wrenching – I really couldn’t put the book down, and it will stay haunting me for a long time to come. If you haven’t yet read this – it must be next on your TBR!”

Janni Styles1 Book Blog:

“From the challenge of loving narrow-minded relations to finding love without trust impossible, no matter your race or level of privilege, this book is rich with raw human experience. Deftly executed with grace and the author’s own keen sensibilities, the story left me wishing it would never end. It is well-paced with moments of epiphany that had me feeling I was not just a reader but part of the story. In some way, we all are. Every single one of us can take responsibility for changing history for the better, lessons of yesterday are a chance to improve, to hate less, love more and a chance to be at peace with all people.”


Rick Kogan featured imageIconic Chicago Tribunewriter and WGN Radio personality, Rick Kogan,sits down with Lorraine to discuss her latest novel, The Alchemy of Noise

“Empathy is the antidote to everything” when sparking a movement: an interview with authors Sara Connell & Lorraine Devon Wilke

PODCAST:A Conversation About Fiction, Culture, Stories, Imagination  & The Alchemy of Noisew/ Debbie Zipp The Three Tomatoes

“As part of my serieson “How to write a book that sparks a movement,” I had the great pleasure of interviewing Lorraine Devon Wilke…”

litro-logo-large-1EDITOR’S PICK, LITRO#174: FREEDOM: ALL THE FREEDOM PRIVILEGE ALLOWS  by Lorraine Devon Wilke

the other 50% buttonThe Alchemy of Noiseauthor, Lorraine Devon Wilke,is on the podcast this week. We went deep on race, culture and politics. Buckle in.” Julie Walker Harris, the other 50%

Amy Beth ArkawyPopular podcaster, Amy Beth Arkawy,welcomes back author Lorraine Devon Wilke: “We ponder weighty questions including: Is fiction friendly or dangerous terrain for social commentary?”

The Authors LabAuthor & podcaster Robert Batista brings Lorraine Devon Wilketo The Authors Labto discuss The Alchemy of Noiseand the power of stories to change culture.


“This is not a run-of-the-mill love story. But Lorraine Devon Wilke is not a run-of-the-mill writer. The Alchemy of Noise, a powerful interracial romance with rich, cinematic quality, is gritty, clever and superbly crafted, sustaining a gut-wrenching level of tension until the final page.” ~ Jane Davis, author of Smash All the Windowsand seven other titles; winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award.

“Every character was authentic. Sidonie and Chris have great depth; they’re real-life people, and I wanted them to overcome, for their love to prevail. The plot line was great as well. The microaggressions, the hidden and overt racism, the passive-aggressive low-key racism—it was all in there, all very plausible and realistic. The book is a sort of Racism 101, an eye-opener for allies.” ~ Regina McRae, BLM activist, award-winning baker/owner of NYC bakery, Grandma’s Secrets, and author of Taking the Cake, Your Ultimate Cake Guide

“Beautifully written, perfectly balanced, and evenly paced, The Alchemy of Noise, Devon Wilke’s story of love, redemption, and racial conflict in the shadow of contemporary urban America, is a tour-de-force from an author at the top of her game.” ~ Mark Barry, author of The Night Porterand Carla

“A powerful novel that wraps the love story of a mixed-race couple in a ‘ripped from the headlines’ narrative, The Alchemy of Noiseis alternately touching, painful, sweet, and enraging. With its exploration of race and privilege, and stunning, unexpected plot twists, it demands your attention from beginning to end.” ~ Susie Singer Carter, award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter (My Mom & the Girland Soul Surfer)

“Reading this combination love story and page-turning legal drama, I was particularly moved by the exploration of the psychological and emotional impacts of racism on each of the characters. The Alchemy of Noisedives into those issues in new, unexamined ways, and as a professional working in the field of PTSD and family trauma, I found that element to be a powerful and authentic driver of this very topical story.” ~ Nancy Locke Capers, writer/producer, licensed psychotherapist

“Infused with beauty, humor and pain, The Alchemy of Noiseis a modern American love story that asks if love can bridge the distance between two Americas. Author Lorraine Devon Wilke writes with authenticity, insight, sensitivity. Her characters Sidonie and Chris (and the loved ones in their orbit) stayed with me like old friends whose success I am rooting for, but is in no way guaranteed in a world where skin color may be destiny.” ~ Laura Nicole Diamond, author of Shelter Usand Deliver Me

“The story of Sidonie, a white woman, and Chris, a black man, is a well-written and compelling tale of love that offers a glimpse into the unique experiences couples face in interracial relationships. When allegations of criminal activity are lodged against Chris, the two are forced into a confusing and frightening reality which shakes them to their very cores. The Alchemy of Noiseis an intense emotional journey, and Wilke masterfully guides us through it with laughter, tears, and thought-provoking insight.” ~ Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton’s Choiceand The Virgin Diaries

The Alchemy of Noiseis an honest, empathetic, and powerful look at racial tensions in modern America, explored through one interracial couple’s burgeoning relationship—and how it plays on the concerns and assumptions of their friends and families. The writing is excellent, the characters full and real and conflicted—just like life.” ~ Laurie Boris, author of The Call, a Baseball Novel and A Sudden Gust of Gravity

“Lorraine Devon Wilke’s The Alchemy of Noiseincludes brushstrokes of nightlife, music, the club world; true-ringing elements that too often in the lit-game are swung at and missed. Her portrait of Chicago as a representation of contemporary urban culture is so vivid it stands as a character all its own.” ~ Junior Burke, author of A Thousand Eyesand Something Gorgeous

Hysterical Love: a novel 

• 2017 Solo Medallist in General Fiction, New Apple Awards
• 2017 Finalist in General Fiction, American Book Fest Best Book Awards

Hysterical Love @ Kirkus Reviews:

“Wilke is a skilled writer, able to plausibly inhabit Dan’s young male perspective… A well-written, engaging, sometimes-frustrating tale of reaching adulthood a little late.” (Read more…)

Hysterical Love: Judge; 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:

“The author has an incredible skill for storytelling and her voice is without reproach. The novel is well designed, well edited and of high production quality.”

Hysterical Love: reviewed by Charla White @ WordsAPlenty:

“Wilke is passionate about the development of her characters as they come to life with each word. The reader cannot help but connect to her characters. The plot is strong, fresh, balanced and delivered skillfully. It is a moving story and is a must read for anyone who has been, is, or thinks they may fall in love someday.

Don’t miss this book. It is a wonderful read. Wilke is a truly gifted writer and one to watch grow; she will continue to provide thought provoking stories based on real issues. WordsAPlenty gives this book a highly deserved 5 star rating.” (Read more…)

Hysterical Love @ Literary Fiction Book Review:

“The narrative is effectively told through first person, with Daniel candidly confiding his fears and confusion to the reader. Devon Wilke manages to convey the male psyche with a good-natured humor that seems eminently believable. Hysterical Love is a deftly told tale about not only the search for love in the 21st century, but about seeking a greater understanding of the intricacies of the human heart, about love in all its various forms and disguises: puppy love, lost love, emerging love, enduring love, and of course, hysterical love.” 

Hysterical Love: review by ReecasPieces Book Blog:

“This is aptly named. This novel is HYSTERICAL! Fair warning….do not read this in public. There are places you will laugh out loud!” …This is a story about love. All kinds of love! Family, friendship, and soul-mate love…it’s all in here. It is told with such creativity and uniqueness.”

Hysterical Love: review by Tracy Slowiak @ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews:

“Oh my, oh my! I just finished reading Hysterical Love, the newest novel by Lorraine Devon Wilke, and I must say, I simply adored it! Lorraine Devon Wilke’s writing style is witty, pointed and funny, even hilarious at times.” (Read more…)

Hysterical Love: Worth Reading This Summer @ WE Magazine For Women :

“If you are looking for book recommendations to take with you to the beach, on vacation or to read in your down time, these are the editor pics for Summer 2015: Hysterical Love…” (Read more…)

Hysterical Love: Review by Barb Taub @ Writing & Coffee Book Blog:

“I never found a writer who was as good as DH Lawrence, but who could also get into a man’s head and tell that story. Until now…Wilke combines humor, terrific writing, and some none-too-gently acquired truths into a different kind of relationship story.” (Read more…)

Hysterical Love: review by Ali Levett @ A Woman’s Wisdom Book Blog:

“This is one of those books which exceeded all my expectations. I was expecting a romance with a couple of twists to the tale but what I got was something far deeper and more satisfying…If you want a book with many layers and to be thoroughly entertained by a cracking story then this one is for you.” 

Hysterical Love: review @ Brenda Perlin’s Book Blog:

“Unpredictable, fascinating and deep with laughable moments that I connected to. Reality built into a fictional story. The author knows how to write a real conversation piece. There is a depth that makes this a book I will be thinking about for a long time.” (Read more…)

Lorraine Devon Wilke Reviewed: by Mark Barry @ Green Wizard Publishing:

“Lorraine writes beautifully, flawlessly, with dialogue you can hear rather than read, that snaps and crackles and sometimes, when she pitches it perfectly, is like the resonant ping of a silver spoon tapping on Waterford Crystal.” (Read more…)

After The Sucker Punch: a novel

• 2015 IAN Book of the Year Award Finalist  ~ Independent Author Network
• 2014 B.R.A.G Medallion Honoree  ~ IndieBRAG

Publishers Weekly: First Lines, June 2017: After The Sucker Punch:

A look at some of the best opening lines from titles by BookLife authors….After the Sucker Punch by Lorraine Devon Wilke: “One is obligated by moral duty to love one’s child.”

Kirkus Reviews: After the Sucker Punch:

Wilke writes with razor-sharp wit and radiant flair, and the prose’s high quality is the novel’s principal strength. She also sensitively portrays how real love and affection can survive and even flourish in an otherwise dysfunctional family. [Read more…]

After The Sucker Punch: reviewed by Georgia Rose Book Reviews:

“I finished After the Sucker Punch a while ago and have been pondering on this review. Without going into detail this was a painful read for me but I don’t hesitate in highly recommending it because it’s thought-provoking and exceptionally well written. There’s also a wry humour throughout which I thoroughly enjoyed…This is an elegant novel with everything in balance, each word perfectly positioned to maximum effect and I don’t hesitate to recommend it.” [Read more…]

After The Sucker Punch: reviewed by Lisl Zlitni @ Before The Second Sleep book blog:

“Devon Wilke’s aptitude for shining light on human behaviors and what motives, conscious and not, often lie behind them, is stunning in its capacity, lyrical presentation and raw reality. It’s not often the latter two of this triad pair together, certainly not well at least, but Devon Wilke does it while avoiding the pitfall of a bitter sarcasm so consistent it becomes a turnoff. Instead, she captures the strength and fragility of the human heart, teaming it with a character readers feel they could be a friend to because the duration of the relationship—for us, the length of the novel—benefits all quarters and not just Tessa’s.” (Read more…)

After The Sucker Punch; Judge; 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards:

“This is a top notch entry that only leaves you wanting more. From the opening line to the closing passage, I was drawn into this character’s personal journey. Both emotionally and actively engaging, the author has simply done a fantastic job here. The depth and realism that encases this character driven literary fiction is so authentic, I almost wondered if it really happened… Her writing style is quite promising and captivating.”

After The Sucker Punch: reviewed by UK author/blogger E.L. Lindley:

“After The Sucker Punch is an aptly named novel because it packs a mighty punch and raises so many questions, I was left literally reeling by the end of it. Lorraine Devon Wilke commands our attention with a splendidly dramatic opening and never lets us off the hook until the very last page. LDW has captured the spirit of family perfectly in that there is no perfect family. Her novel is funny, warm, tense, angry and ultimately shows us that life is to be lived and there’s no point in dwelling on the past.”  (Read more…) 

After The Sucker Punch: Reviewed by Mark Barry @ Rosie Amber’s Book Blog:

“A sweeping, seventies, old school family saga that’s also long enough to engage you for a good week on the beach. In fact, it’s made for the beach and the airport. Beautifully written, light, accessible, I have yet to come across a book as good as this in Indie. In fact, you genuinely would not know this is an Indie book. It is sublime and – like many books we write – underappreciated, especially over here.” (Read more…) 

After The Sucker Punch: review @ Publishers Weekly

“A realistic and profound journey of realization and forgiveness…a solid novel that admirably explores the fragile, fraught relationship between parent and child.” (Read more…)

After The Sucker Punch: Review by Mark Barry @ Green Wizard Publishing:

“Four factors mark Lorraine’s brilliant debut as something special. Firstly, her characters. Each so individual, so distinctive and so well defined, you can tell who is talking without the character being named. That’s no mean feat. Secondly, the dialogue is crisp, sassy and real, patter so realistic, you can hear it taking place. Thirdly, the way Lorraine links and merges the historical comments Tessa reads in the journal into the real time narrative is shrewd and repays rereading.” (Read more…)

After the Sucker Punch: review @ Brenda Perlin’s Book Blog:

“Full of heart, the essence of life and still sheds enough light to find the message of hope. This is powerfully written and I ate it up. Sharp, cunning and real. Loved the bluntness in the authors writing voice and the honesty. This is a very good read that amused me, entertained me and pulled me in.” (Read more…)

She Tumbled Down: a short story

She Tumbled Down: review by Ali Levitt @ A Woman’s Wisdom Book Blog:

“This short story of just 7300 words is more than a little sinister as Lorraine Devon Wilke weaves two storylines together to a conclusion which leaves real moral connotations in its wake… Although it gave me a chill, it is something many people can relate to – making that split decision which changes your future forever and from which you may never recover. Haunting and vital.” 

She Tumbled Down: review by Carol Moye @ Compelled To Write Book Blog:

“This is a very well written story of a terrible tragedy and how it affected so many lives. Lorraine Devon Wilke is an excellent writer. I finished the book in an hour or so, fully captivated-mentally and emotionally. I was really pulling for the characters. It was quite easy to understand the complexities involved.” (Read more…)

She Tumbled Down: reviewed @ Brenda Perlin’s Book Blog:

“She Tumbled Down pulls the reader in from the very first paragraph. The author has a fine gift of telling a story in a way that plays out in living color. There is an authentic life-force in her voice. Real heartfelt emotion that comes across as true as day. There is lightness and there is dark. The story travels around to both sides. As a reader I wanted, hoping to know everything would turn out okay but guessing it would not. I was left to guess as I read at a feverish pace.” (Read more…)


• Hysterical Love

• After The Sucker Punch

• She Tumbled Down



Weaving Stories About Life: Interview with Lorraine Devon Wilke @ Many Books

Guest Post: “The Writer’s Journey @ Natasha Orme’s Writer, Reader, Lover of Words Blog

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Virtual Book Club: Lorraine Devon Wilke @ Jane Davis, Author

IndieView with Lorraine Devon Wilke, author of Hysterical Love @ The Indie View

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Fiona Mcvie: Here Is My Interview With Lorraine Devon Wilke

Awesome Gang: Where Awesome Readers Meet Awesome Writers: Interview with Lorraine Devon Wilke

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HL After Chat


The Funk Soul Cafe @BlogTalkRadio: Robert Bastista brings Lorraine Devon Wilke back in to talk about books, music, and all things creative.

The Funky Writer @ BlogTalkRadio; Robert Batista interviews author Lorraine Devon Wilke

Hysterical Love with Lorraine Devon Wilke: Hosted by Johnny Tan of “From My Mama’s Kitchen” @ TalkRadio 

Romantic Complications & Family Misadventure w/ Author Lorraine Devon Wilke: with Amy Beth Arkawy on BlogTalkRadio

Sharing ‘Matters of the Mind’ with Dr. Peter Sacco and Todd Miller on ListenUP!TalkRadio

Literary Diva Presents: Author Lorraine Devon Wilke @ BlogTalkRadio


• 2017 Solo Medallist in General Fiction, New Apple Awards; Hysterical Love
• 2017 Finalist in General Fiction, American Book Fest Best Book Awards; Hysterical Love

The 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards honors After The Sucker Punch with an Honorable Mention.  

The Maine Review’s 2016 Rocky Coast Writing Contest honors Devon Wilke’s essay, “The Mother of My Reinvention,” with the sole Runner Up Award.

2015 B.RA.G. Medallion Honoree: Hysterical Love

2015 IAN Book of the Year Award, Finalist – Independent Author Network: After The Sucker Punch

2014 B.R.A.G. Medallion HonoreeAfter the Sucker Punch

PW_HL new titleChosen as “Top 50 Indie Books” June 2014: After The Sucker Punch: Indie Author News

Selected for Fran Briggs’ Best of Summer Reading 2014, Part III: After The Sucker Punch

A Minor Rebellion: Quarter-Finalist in the 2014 Final Draft Big Break Contest

The Theory of Almost Everything: Top Finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest

A Minor Rebellion is chosen as an “official screenplay selection” in the 2018 Beverly Hills International Film Festival.



Eureka Times Standard Author Roundup, Hysterical Love; May 2015

Spotlight: Hysterical Love by Lorraine Devon Wilke (playlist, giveaway), Every Free Chance Books

4-Star #Review #Giveaway of Hysterical Love by @LorraineDWilke, Crossroads Review

Book Announcement: HYSTERICAL LOVE, Literary Work Weaves Bold, Humorous Tale, 2nd & Church

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