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“Infused with beauty, humor and pain, The Alchemy of Noise is a modern American love story that asks if love can bridge the distance between two Americas.” Laura Nicole Diamond, author of Shelter Us and Deliver Me

LORRAINE DEVON WILKE’S THIRD NOVEL, THE ALCHEMY OF NOISE, ventures beyond the humor and pathos of family drama explored so cleverly in her first two novels to dig deep into the politics of contemporary culture. At its heart a love story, it explores the complexity of race in a suspenseful drama driven by issues of privilege, prejudice, police profiling and legal entanglements, and the disparities in how those provocative themes impact the various and diverse characters involved.


In a world so full of lonely people and broken hearts, CHRIS HAWKINS, a black sound engineer from Chicago’s south side, and SIDONIE FRAME, white, suburban-raised, the head manager of one of the city’s most elite venues, meet by work-related happenstance and fall quickly in love, convinced that by that act alone they can inspire peace, joy, and happiness in the world around them. The world, however, has other ideas.

Their meeting was serendipitous. Chris, who owns and runs his company, is surrounded largely by members of his own community; Sidonie, conversely, is rarely outside the environs of work and its predominantly white staff and clientele. But when the club’s sound manager goes AWOL on the night of a big event, and Chris is hired to come in as a last-minute replacement, destinies collide.

Immediately drawn to each other, they fall quickly into an unexpected and thrilling relationship, inspiring myriad reactions amongst family and friends on both sides of the racial divide. But even as their love story evolves, day-to-day tensions, police disruptions, and the microaggressions of Chris’s life as a black man in the gritty environs of Chicago become a cultural flashpoint, challenging Sidonie’s privileged worldview and Chris’s ability to translate the unfolding events. After a random and gut-wrenching series of police encounters shakes their resilience, it’s the shattering circumstance of a violent arrest, in which Chris is identified as a serial vandal and potential rapist, that sends their world into free fall.

He claims his innocence, she believes him, but the forces pushing against them are many and oppressive. With a looming trial to endure, the dissipating loyalties of key allies, and unforeseen twists triggering doubt and suspicion, Sidonie and Chris are driven to question what they really know of each other and just who to trust, leading to a powerful and emotional conclusion.

Praise from early readers:

“This is not a run-of-the-mill love story, but Lorraine Devon Wilke is not a run-of-the-mill writer. The Alchemy of Noise, a powerful interracial romance with rich, cinematic quality, is gritty, clever and superbly crafted, sustaining a gut-wrenching level of tension until the final page.” ~ Jane Davis, author of Smash All the Windows (2018) and seven other titles; winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award

“Every character was authentic. Sidonie and Chris have great depth; they’re real-life people, and I wanted them to overcome, for their love to prevail. The plot line was great as well. The microaggressions, the hidden and overt racism, the passive-aggressive low-key racism—it was all in there, all very plausible and realistic. The book is a sort of Racism 101, an eye-opener for allies.” ~ Regina McRae, BLM activist, award-winning owner of NYC bakery, Grandma’s Secrets, and author of Taking the Cake, Your Ultimate Cake Guide 

“A powerful novel that wraps the love story of a mixed-race couple in a ‘ripped from the headlines’ narrative, The Alchemy of Noise is alternately touching, painful, sweet, and enraging. With its exploration of race and privilege, and stunning, unexpected plot twists, it demands your attention from beginning to end.” ~ Susie Singer Carter, award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter (My Mom & the Girl, Soul Surfer)

“Infused with beauty, humor and pain, The Alchemy of Noise is a modern American love story that asks if love can bridge the distance between two Americas. Author Lorraine Devon Wilke writes with authenticity, insight, sensitivity. Her characters Sidonie and Chris (and the loved ones in their orbit) stayed with me like old friends whose success I am rooting for, but is in no way guaranteed in a world where skin color may be destiny.” ~ Laura Nicole Diamond, author of Shelter Us and Deliver Me

“Reading this combination love story and page-turning legal drama, I was particularly moved by its exploration of the psychological and emotional impacts of racism on each of the characters. The Alchemy of Noise dives into those issues in new, unexamined ways, and as a professional working in the field of PTSD and family trauma, I found that element to be a powerful and authentic driver of this very topical story.” ~ Nancy Locke Capers, writer/producer, licensed psychotherapist

“The story of Sidonie, a white woman, and Chris, a black man, is a well-written and compelling tale of love that offers a glimpse into the unique experiences couples face in interracial relationships. When allegations of criminal activity are lodged against Chris, the two are forced into a confusing and frightening reality which shakes them to their very cores. The Alchemy of Noise is an intense emotional journey, and Wilke masterfully guides us through it with laughter, tears, and thought-provoking insight.” ~ Kimberley A. Johnson, author of Peyton’s Choice and The Virgin Diaries

The Alchemy of Noise is an honest, empathetic, and powerful look at racial tensions in modern America, explored through one interracial couple’s burgeoning relationship—and how it plays on the concerns and assumptions of their friends and families. The writing is excellent, the characters full and real and conflicted—just like life.” ~ Laurie Boris, author of The Call, a Baseball Novel and A Sudden Gust of Gravity

“Lorraine Devon Wilke’s The Alchemy of Noise includes brushstrokes of nightlife, music, the club world; true-ringing elements that too often in the lit-game are swung at and missed. Her portrait of Chicago as a representation of contemporary urban culture is so vivid it stands as a character all its own.” ~ Junior Burke, author of A Thousand Eyes and Something Gorgeous

Author’s Note:

Given the subject matter of this book, I wanted to share a little background as to why I felt this specific story was mine to tell, particularly at a time when concerns surrounding “cultural appropriation” and whose voice gets to tell stories of race are widely debated and deserving of meaningful conversation.

Earlier in my life I spent six years in an interracial relationship. As educated as I thought I was on the topic of race and bias, and as open-minded and racially progressive as my upbringing had been, it turns out I’d had only a glimpse of the bigger picture and so very much to learn. Witnessing, tangentially experiencing, and reacting to the “micro-aggressions,” recurring police harassment, and flat-out bigotry my partner dealt with on a day-to-day basis forever changed my worldview on the reality of race in America.

I learned then, before the phrase had even been coined in its more current context, the insensitivity and arrogance of “white privilege.” I was forced to acknowledge the racial disparities found in law enforcement and the justice system. I vicariously felt the pain of the “million little cuts” inflicted by ignorant men who’d admonish him to “get over his black thing,” terrified women who locked their car doors as he walked past, or friends whose casual racism was brushed off as “just a joke.”  

Later in my writing career, it struck me that this experience offered not only the seeds of a topical and dramatic story, but brought into the conversation the specific, shared, and disparate perspectives of a mixed-race couple. That seemed a useful point-of-view to explore, particularly when lack of experiential empathy too often leaves participants in the discussion struggling for true understanding. As a long-time contributor at HuffPost, I referenced my personal experience in a couple of op-eds on the topic of race, which not only gave me access to a wider audience open to the conversation, but allowed me proximity to dialogue and feedback from both sides of the racial divide. As I began to formulate the narrative of this novel, that education helped bring the story into the current zeitgeist.

But I’m also aware of, and have occasionally written about, the controversies surrounding white writers including black characters (or any characters outside their own culture) in their literary works, which has sparked a debate about who gets to tell those particular stories; who has true insight to offer; who should talk, who should listen, and how we process information from the side we’re not on. Even with the sensitivities surrounding those issues, my gut told me I had a worthy story to tell. Because of those sensitivities, I was determined to accomplish that goal as authentically as I could, allowing the unvarnished, sometimes painful, and frequently illuminating viewpoints of each character to be honestly expressed throughout.

 From there I created a fictional set of characters, put them in contemporary Chicago (the city of my birth), plotted out their story arc, and gave them many of the challenges and obstacles I’d witnessed and experienced in my long-ago relationship… ones that, sadly, still resonate in current times. Adding perspective gleaned from prodigious research, myriad interviews, and essential input from sensitivity readers, THE ALCHEMY OF NOISE came to life with as much humanity, truth, and credibility as I could capture. At its heart it’s a love story, if one framed by the provocation of race dynamics in modern day America. I hope you find it both genuine and moving.

THE ALCHEMY OF NOISE is set for an April 9, 2019 release via SHE WRITES PRESS, an award-winning hybrid publisher. A wide-ranging marketing and promotional campaign will be implemented in the months leading up to and through the launch; if you’d be interested in being an advance reader or part of a “street team,” be sure to drop a message below.

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